Hub Cap Clip Installation

– With scissors cut outer ring out of paper.

-lightly place in the center of the rim and mark the center point of (6) holes.

-Measure across to verify holes are spaced 9″ across from each other and that template hasn’t been pushed to far in or shifted.

-Drill holes with provided drill bit and carefully tap holes with provided tap. (Tap will break if force is applied)

-Attach cap clips with provided hardware

– Slight modication of clips may or may not be required depending on style of 10.5″ cap.

-Take a flat nose pair of pliers and bend the spring steel to accept your caps.

-There are several styles of caps and dependent on the inside lip style we’ve found that this modification could potentially reduce the chance of caps coming off by driving or theft. (Reference Pictures)

-Test fit your caps with the wheels off the vehicle.

-Another recommendation is any drilling, tapping, installing and or modification of the cap clips should all be done on un coated wheels. After all steps are complete, rims can be coated.

-If your wheels are coated make sure to mask up the wheels while you work around a nice finish. Accidents can happen.

-Feel free to reach out to our personal number if you have any questions about the installation of your cap clips. (780)-678-9469

For any questions or concerns with your install, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

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