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ABS Headliner – 49-53 GMC Chevy Truck


These ABS headliner kits are meant to replace existing cardboard headliner.
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These are the best (and most popular) 1949-1953 Chevy Truck – ABS headliner kits on the market. They are meant to replace existing cardboard headliner.

Features of our 1949-1953 Chevy Truck – ABS headliner kit:

  • ★ Made from ABS plastic to replace factory cardboard.
  • ★ Black in colour with haircell texture finish.
  • ★ Comes with (2) ABS pieces
  • ★ Can be left exposed, painted or covered with fabric.

Late 49-53 cab identification

  • ★ Has floating center trim. Trim slides over front panel. Then rear panel slides into back side of floating trim.
  • ★ Center roof supports still appear on some trucks but no center trims screw into it. Also, other cabs have no roof supports installed at all.
  • ★ Weather stripping has a welded channel around the door and is slid into place. No screw fasteners are required.
  • ★ The center trim is located further back in the cab.
  • ★ Also, NO filler strips from factory were required to fill the gaps located on the pillars between the windshield and door weather stripping .

The UNICORN cab identification

  • ★ This cab falls between the early and late 49 cabs.
  • ★ The weatherstripping rubber trim in this cab is held on with the new style slide in retainer that is spot welded to the cab interior face.
  • ★ The roof center trim is still the screw in type and located closer towards the front windshield and not as far back as the later years.


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3 reviews for ABS Headliner – 49-53 GMC Chevy Truck

  1. Keith LeGier

    I got this headliner with the kick panels and the door panels. At the time, it was a combo deal. At any rate, these ABS panels are first rate. You can install them as is, or paint, or put fabric on them, whatever. I installed mine just like I received them, textured black. My truck is a rat rod, so I wanted the minimalist look. It is not hard to install, but it really should be done before the door windlace (the large rubber going around the door frame on the inside of the cab), because the headliner and factory center bar need to go behind it. It does take two people to install, only because of the size and the fact that you have to keep the floating center strip connected to at least one panel while installing. Holes for one visor bracket are cut, but not for the other (I can’t remember which one). But to locate the holes, I put some screws in where the bracket mounts, covered them with a tiny bit of white grease, and just touched the headliner to it. .Whalla! I also installed some sound deadener on the inside of the roof and made sure my wires were ran for the interior courtesy light before final install. This, along with the door panels and kick panels (both can be installed while blindfolded and one arm tied behind your back) make the interior look classy and clean. Very satisfied with this. (BTW, I have been bouncing around the idea of going with a brown worn, rustic leather interior lately. If I do, all I will do is remove all the panels, attach whatever leather I happen to get to them with glue, and be done. Haven’t decided if I want to do this yet though.)

  2. Ronald TYlor (verified owner)

    Easy to do thanks

  3. Charles Partak (verified owner)

    I gave it a 4/5 , as i have not had the chance to install it yet. I am in the reassembly stage of my build . ill cover this in a layer of headliner material and tweed before final installation. This product comes highly spoken of and has been since its introduction. It is lesser priced than its competition and is reported to be easier installation than the competitors. Im looking forward to completing the build with this quality product.

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