LS Fabrication Ltd. was officially established in February 2018 by long time friends Kris Hauser and Chris Lange. The company came to be after Kris, while building his own 1951 Chevy 3100 (AKA Kalinda), reached out to multiple companies and individuals in the industry for help with his firewall but nobody was able or willing to meet his needs. Knowing that his buddy Chris Lange was talented in body work and paint, Kris dropped his cab off with Lange and left it in his more than capable hands for him to work his magic.

On January 7 th 2018 Chris sent a message to Kris and asked if he was sitting down, the following picture he sent was of the first ever bead rolled firewall installed on Kris’ 1951 Chevy 1300 (Canadian edition of a 3100). This firewall would be what started it all for the two friends and eventually became the Kalinda style 1947-1954 Bead Rolled Firewall. After sharing photos of the firewall on their social media, it became very apparent that Kris wasn’t the only one who wanted a firewall like this. One order turned into two which turned into over 10 in the first week. The two friends had a talk and decided to start a business and offer the firewalls and see where it would go.

The panels expanded in to multiple others sheet metal products for not only the 1947- 1954 GM trucks but multiple eras of GM/Chevy trucks. Then came the idea of an all billet speaker grille and glove box for the 1947-1953 GM/Chevy trucks. It was a long and costly road but the end result was one both Chris and Kris are very proud of. From the dash pieces came the only option for a replacement 1954-55.1 glove box with the again very high end all billet aluminum 1954-1955.1 GM/Chevy Glove Box Door. Most recently the development of the first ever billet aluminum handle offered for 1952-1954 as well as 1955-1959 GM/Chevy was completed and is offered through the website. The handles are also compatible with the 1960-1966.

LS Fabrication has now shipped hundred of orders all over the world and supplies
multiple distributors with their products. They have also partnered with multiple other companies to offer some extremely high-end products for early era GM/Chevy trucks. Chris and Kris continually work on new ideas and ways to expand the company and fill gaps within the market or offer a better option than what might currently be available.

From the owners:
We want to personally thank everyone who has supported us and believed in us on this journey. We strive to offer only the best of products and work to fill voids and develop products that either don’t exist or don’t exist in a high enough quality in the industry.

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Chris & Kris


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