Taillight Fuel Filler - 67-72 GMC Chevy Truck
Taillight Fuel Filler - 67-72 GMC Chevy Truck
Taillight fuel filler installed on 1967-1972 chevy truck disassembled
Taillight Fuel Filler - 67-72 GMC Chevy Truck
Taillight fuel filler installed on 1967-1972 chevy truck
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Taillight Fuel Filler – 67-72 GMC Chevy Truck

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1967-1972 GM Truck Gas Filler Delete



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This 1967-1972 Chevrolet/GMC C10 taillight fuel filler is the best gas filler relocation kit on the market and it provides a clean, hidden alternative to putting the gas cap on the bed floor. If you’ve decided to relocate your gas tank in your 67-72 GM pickup and are looking for a custom solution to filling the tank, then our Taillight fuel filler is the answer.

Integrating our flip down Taillight Fuel filler is an easy to reach answer for filling your gas tank. Stop reaching into your truck box and spilling gas on your bed floor.
Our 1967-1972 Chevrolet/GMC C10 taillight fuel filler relocation kit features:
  • ★ CNC Laser Cut 18 Gauge Steel
  • ★ Pre formed and Spot welded assembly
  • ★ High polished 1.5″ Stainless steel LS engraved Fuel filler
  • ★ Soft roller bearing Stainless steel taillight hinge
  • ★ Laser cut taillight mounting holes.
  • ★ Stainless Steel Hardware

Please refer to photos for what is all included in the taillight fuel filler kit. It will come with the sides tacked in place as well as the push magnets shown. Fuel filler is 1.5″ diameter.

*If you ordered the additional taillights, they are sold as a pair*


  • ★ Taillight fuel filler kit will require welding down both sides prior to install. Also, it will requires holes to be drilled for the magnet placement, taillight mounting points and fuel cap.
  • ★ Once kit is complete, cut inner tabs in taillight pocket.
  • ★ Measure 1.5″ from the bottom of the half circle inside reverse light pocket. This will be the top of the cut.
  • ★ From there cut straight down on left and right side all the way down. Also, remove part of the seal. Two tack welds are needed at the top and bottom of the rear seal where it meets up with the bedside. This keeps the bedside from flexing.
  • ★ Next, cut from the top of you cut line 2.5″ deep and straight down.
  • ★ Look from the bottom/backside. There should be a large space big enough for the the whole kit (without the taillight) to install up from the bottom of the bedside to its location. There should be enough room for the fuel hose. Moreover, If kit will not fit, slight additional trimming may be required.
  • ★ All four corners of the taillight pocket will have to be trimmed and dollied to allow clearance for the taillight to pivot open.
  • ★  The kit should be set in 7/8″ deep or the thickness of the taillight being used.
  • ★  Mark its location and tack each corner in to test once the kit and taillight have plenty of room to function.
  • ★ Once everything is good. Weld the entire perimeter.


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7 reviews for Taillight Fuel Filler – 67-72 GMC Chevy Truck

  1. Scott Morse (verified owner)

  2. John B. (verified owner)

  3. John D. (verified owner)

    Great product, well made with strong magnets to keep it shut.

  4. William McDonald (verified owner)

    Works great !

  5. DAVID RIDEN (verified owner)

  6. RICHARD KOPP (verified owner)

    Quality product!!

  7. Myron Hobbs (verified owner)

    i had hoped it would be like the newer vehicles and have the push through flap might be kinda hard to unscrew the cap. other than that i love it can’t wait till people ask where the gas goes in.

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